Heron's Fitness
Terms & Conditions

·         All members must complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) before using the fitness facility.

·         All members will be offered a full induction in the use of the gym equipment.

·         If a members medical details change after completing their PAR-Q it should be reported to a member of staff, they in turn may advise on more suitable exercise.

·         If any of the fitness staff deem a member unsuitable to exercise they will be asked to refrain from exercise. If the reason is a medical suspicion, doctors consent to carry on physical activity may be required.

·         If while exercising a member feels faint, dizzy or nauseous they must stop activity immediately. They should then inform a member of staff or ask the nearest person to on their behalf.

·         Herons fitness will be unavailable to the public during school hours. Please be aware that as school starts and finishes students may still be onsite. We ask that you please avoid interacting unless in emergency situations (e.g. fire evacuation)

·         Members must be appropriately dressed for exercise i.e. training clothing and trainers/sports shoes. People wearing unsuitable clothing i.e. Jeans, shoes (unsuitable for training) and restricting clothing will be asked to stop exercising. Male members must keep tops on.

·         All members must sign in at the main reception in the gym before training.

·         Members suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed) will be told to leave the facility. Members with manageable conditions that require medication such as inhalers, insulin, GTN spray etc. are encouraged to bring them to all training sessions and make the instructors aware.

·         Members are allowed to use the facility during the centre’s opening hours  which can be seen on our app or website www.heronsfitness.co.uk or by contacting the centre via email/phone.  Please check before making your way to the centre as times may change during school holidays.

·         Members are advised to bring a sweat towel and a water bottle. Drinking water is provided.

·         Members are asked to wipe down machines after use using the antibacterial wipes provided. Please leave the equipment as you would hope to find it.

·         No pets are allowed into the facility with the exception of guide dogs. In the case of bringing guide dogs to the facility we ask that appointments are booked so we can make the necessary arrangements.

·          Parking is available at the front of the school and in the visitors parking section.

·         The Fire assembly point is outside the P.E department entrance in the seated area.

·         During term-time morning sessions ALL members must be off site by 9am. Swimmers must vacate the pool no later than 8:45am

·         All under 16’s must complete an induction for resistance machines

·         During term-time under 16’s have full access to the gym during morning sessions, weekends, and 4pm to 6:30pm

·         During School holidays Monday to Friday usage will be 6:30am – 6:30pm.

·         No more than 2 people may wait by a machine or bench at any one time.

·         No bags, coats, or loose clothing can be left on the gym floor.